The 5 Best Slowpitch Softball Bats Reviews

Do you realize how crucial it can be to purchase the best slowpitch softball bat? Aside from the fact that there are so many bats that are available, you may not immediately realize what you are searching for.

If you would check out the market right now, you will see that there is a wide range of the best softball bats for power hitters that are available.

They come in different shapes, brands and sizes. It can be nerve wracking and complicated to find the right slowpitch softball bat but with proper knowledge, it will be easier for you.

Top 5 Slowpitch Bats

1. DeMarini Juggy OG

2. Miken Maxload USSSA 100 Composite

3. Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat

4. Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA

5. Combat Derby Boy G3 Slowpitch ASA Bat 34 in L 26 oz

Using the Bat

One of the considerations that you have to think about when you are looking for the right softball bat is to search for one that can be used for the league or the tournament that you are going to play in.

Remember that leagues and tournaments will have different specifications. Some bats may be considered legal in one place then illegal when you try to use it for another tournament.

One tip is to check the specifications ahead of time especially if you have not purchased any bat yet so you will not waste any money. Some of the popular certifications to search for are ASA and USSSA. Check their latest standards before making any purchase.

Personal Specifications

You have to realize that you are different from other players who have searched for slowpitch bats before so what might have been perfect for them does not have to be perfect for you.

When it comes to weight, there will already be a lot of differences. If you are a strong pitcher, you may want to have a heavier bat but if you want to have something that will not be too hard for you to swing, a lighter bat can be the best option. You can check out different bats by holding them first.

Getting to know the proper terms will allow you to choose better. You have to consider your height and your weight to when finding the right slowpitch bat for you. You can always research for more details that will allow you to decide what to purchase like an expert.

Best Slowpitch Bats You Should Check Out

The list of slowpitch bats that you should check can change from year to year. There are times when you can choose from bats that are created by well known brands while there are also some bats that are made by new companies that can still make a huge difference.

I constantly update myself with the slowpitch bats that are available. It can be useful so that if the time would come that I need to purchase a new one, I know exactly what to get.

I would like to impart some details with you too so that choosing will not be too complicated

DeMarini Juggy OG Slow Pitch Bat

Searching for a bat that has a lot of amazing features can be complicated but this bat may have some of the features that you are searching for.

This is made of 100% composite material and is 12 inches long. The Big D End Cap of this bat allows vibrations to be less likely although it is multi layered so it can give more power.

If you are into joining ASA leagues, this is one bat that will pass the different specifications that the league requires.

This is one bat that is known for being easy to use the moment that a player receives it. It can be used for practicing and it can be used for professional leagues as well.

This feels lighter than other end loaded bats.

The quality is amazing too. From the moment I held it, I knew that it was a solid bat.

The grip can be improved a bit but some people have not reported that they have issues with gripping the bat.

Miken Maxload USSSA 100 Composite

If you have heard anyone referring to a bat as Freak Black then you should know that the title refers to this bat.

The 100% composite barrel of this bat makes it one of the choices of a lot of players.

The barrel of this bat is 14 1/2 inches long.

The fact that it is long makes the sweet spot far larger so using it can be easier.

This is a 2 piece bat that is composed of Triple Matrix Core and Flex 2 Power Technology.

These features may allow the bat to be fast and durable.​

Great quality bat that can be used for a long time.
This comes with a big sweet spot.


Based on experience, I did not check it so it did not fit me.

Louisville Slugger Slow Pitch Z-4000 ASA End Load Bat

If you are a player of the ASA League then this is one of the bats that should be checked because of its many features and capabilities.

The three piece TRU3 half ounce end loaded bat construction makes it different from the others.

The full composite barrel is 12 inches in length but the handle is in a rubber finish to make it easier to grip.

One of the things that I like about it is its 15/16 Grit Blast finish.


Different weight options that can be perfect for different folks.
The hit lines are known to drive very well.


It may have a price that is a bit steep for the common folk but since this is a quality bat, I would still recommend it to people who are searching for investments.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This signature bat from Jeremy Isenhower has garnered a lot of attention from different people.

This is an endloaded bat. This is made out of 14 1/2 long barrel and this is known to be stiffer than other bats even senior bats.

This comes in different lengths to make it perfect for different individuals.


This is one durable bat that is proudly made in the USA.

This comes with a lot of pop even if it has just been removed from the wrapper.


Some may consider it to be too stiff for their liking.

Combat Derby Boy G3 Slowpitch ASA Bat 34 in L 26 oz

This may be the first time that you have heard about this but it is a part of this list for a reason and it is because in my opinion, it has a lot of features that can compete with all the other slowpitch softball bats mentioned above.

This bat that is made out of 100% composite material is all in one piece. This is stiff and hard.


This is one bat that has a large sweet spot so everybody who is interested in softball can take an interest in it.

This does not need any breaking in and there are a lot of people who are highly satisfied with it.


None so far

Features to Consider

You have to realize by now that not all slowpitch softball bats are the same. They come in different features that will ultimately allow any aspiring slowpitch softball bat owner to choose the one that they need.

One piece and two piece softball bats are usually misunderstood by people who have never tried playing softball before. One piece bats make use of just one material for the whole bat while two piece comes in two separate materials that may give players the advantage that they need. One piece bats are usually stronger and harder but the two piece softball bats are more flexible. Players can choose what they think will be easier for them.

There are also some bats that are made out of alloy, some are made out of composite and others are hybrid. Alloy bats are generally made out of aluminum but they are mixed with other materials to make it stronger. Composite bats on the other hand are made of graphite, carbon fiber and fiberglass. This is common right now but some leagues do not allow the use of composite bats. Hybrid is obviously the mixture of the two. It can be made out of an alloy barrel with a handle that is made out of composite material.

There are some single wall and multi wall slowpitch bats that are being sold in the market right now. It is evident that multi wall bats have more layers so they can become more flexible than single wall bats. Multi wall bats are considered to be stronger but most professionals still choose single wall bats because of the “pop” that they can provide. The “pop” can be important especially to professional players.

When it comes to the distribution of weight, you can consider balanced bats, endload bats and even max load bats. Balanced bats is usually the choice of a lot of hitters and even beginners who would like to know how they can handle the bats well. When it comes to endload bats, these are bats that have more concentrated weight towards the endcap. This will allow players to have an extra power to swing the bat harder. The max load bats on the other hand will allow strong players to have a powerful swing. This is not the choice of beginners because it can be a bit hard to control.


Based on the things that are mentioned above, it is evident that Combat Derby Boy G3 Slowpitch ASA Bat is the best one. This can be played in different local and professional leagues. The price is not as expensive as the other bats that you can also check out. This strong and easy to use bat may be the one that you are searching for.