Complete List of Junior Hockey Stick Manufacturers

Review the best junior hockey sticks by picking the best hockey stick manufacturer or brand.

Most of the big brands in hockey have a set of options for children’s sticks. Although not every hockey stick brand has a junior option, so to make it easy for you to review the best hockey sticks, we thought we would put together a list of the best brands.

First of all, we will review the more established hockey brands, ones who’s sticks you will see on almost all pitches across the world.

Kookaburra Junior hockey sticks – Kookaburra are one of the best know hockey stick brands and have a range for kids. Disappointingly though, Kookaburra only offer wooden sticks for smaller children with Kookaburra composite kids hockey stick only starting at 35 inches.

Adidas Junior hockey sticks – adidas is obviously one of the best sports brands in the world and their hockey sticks are well known in the hockey world. adidas have a range of kids hockey sticks including some wood and fibreglass material hockey sticks for children. Beside that Adidas also known as the big brand about hockey gloves. Especially hockey gloves for 2020.

Grays Junior hockey sticks – Grays is a massive name in hockey and their sticks are used by some of the best players in the world. Grays have a massive range for children, particularly some of the best hockey stick choices for older kids, looking to use a stick with a bend and different material compositions for the first time.

TK Junior hockey sticks – The German brand TK make some of the best quality hockey sticks and offer a range for kids. This range is smaller than Grays, however they do include options with mixed material composition and bow shapes from progressing children.

Gryphon Junior hockey sticks – Gryphon are a big Australian hockey brand and you will find them on most hockey pitches across the world. They also have a popular range of hockey sticks for children with their kids options including bow shapes and mixed material options.

It might be unfair to label the following hockey sticks brands any less good for children, however I’m breaking them out as the less established, or maybe a fairer description is ‘challenger brands’ because they are newer and slightly less common. That said they have some great junior hockey stick options so don’t rule them out when you review.

Osaka Junior hockey sticks – Osaka are well established now and have some great hockey sticks for children. Review some of the best designed sticks for kids as well as a great mix of features.

STX Junior hockey sticks – STX children’s hockey sticks are also one of the best established of the newcomers. Great quality sticks from the USA which last a long time and have a good mix of options for kids hockey.

Mercian Junior hockey sticks – A niche hockey only brand from the UK, Mercian kids hockey sticks are available in a range of material compositions and introduce new features for older children to help with game progression.

Ritual Junior hockey sticks – Another niche and fashionable newish dedicated hockey brand, Ritual make some great sticks and have a small range of sticks for children. They have some high spec kids sticks with high carbon content and bow shapes.

Voodoo Junior hockey sticks – If you are comfortable introducing your children to the concept of ‘Voodoo’ this brand has a couple of junior option hockey sticks. Their smallest sticks are 30 inches so no need to introduce the little ones to Voodoo.

Mazon Junior hockey sticks – Mazon are actually a well established hockey brand from Australia and offer a good selection of kids hockey sticks right across the world.

Brabo Junior hockey sticks – A relatively new brand from the UK, Brabo are really starting to make an impact on the pitch. They have one of the largest ranges of children’s hockey sticks and have some really good specifications. Kids everywhere are starting to choose Brabo, I see them being carried to school more and more.

Byte Junior hockey sticks – Byte started out with just a range of budget sticks but now have some good quality, fair priced hockey sticks. A great brand to start kids out with junior hockey sticks.

Browning Junior hockey sticks – This is a funny brand, lots of sticks around but you can’t find anything out about the company behind them. From what I’ve seen the sticks are reasonable quality, they aren’t top end but for the price they sell at they would certainly not do any hard for a kid who grows out of sticks every season!

There are other brands out there but these are the junior hockey sticks you see most as you look to review the best for children hockey.

Brand is only one consideration to review when looking for a kids field hockey stick, check out our other articles on the important things to review before you buy a junior hockey stick.

Here are some good places to buy kids field hockey sticks.