Louisville Slugger Attack Bat Review

TRU3 3-piece baseball bat are growing in popularity because of their improved power balance between the handle and the barrel. That explains why Louisville Slugger Attack bat has impressed several parents, with their youth players liking the performance.

Featuring 7/8 inch handle and synthetic grip, the bat fits perfectly in the youth player’s hands and allows total control of the swing. This baseball bat is designed for lethal attack, for that reason, you can transform your young hitter into a super star and a real threat to opponents.

Thin and lightweight layer of graphite is added to the handle for a more perfect and firm grip. Your little player is able to crash his way to victory with this cool-looking bat. With all the highly features that easily why we place this bat in the list of the best high school baseball bats of the year.

Features of this bat

The Attack bat is designed to meet the needs of the consumers.

After hard research, testing and analyzing the features, we place this Louisville Slugger bat is a one of the best in our bat List.

12 Length to Weight Ratio

This is a 12 ratio baseball bat, which means, the weight and length blends perfectly for use by little players. It hangs with a perfect height, making it ideal for any youth baseball player. The weight is perfectly distributed from the handle to the barrel, for balanced and powerful swings.

2-1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

For little league games, this is a large size barreled baseball bat that your young player can venture with up to the higher leagues. Even with its relatively large barrel, the bat is built with a perfect weight and balance, making it a great tool for young players.

Patented Tru3 Technology

Tru3 technology involves a dependable joining of the handle and barrel of baseball bats, giving them more balanced power. These kinds of baseball bats are more special for young players, since they make their efforts more fruitful than one piece or two-piece baseball bats.

3-Piece Pure 360 Composite Construction

The 3-piece construction is one unique feature about this baseball bat that makes it more popular in the market today. Every parent that has bought this product for their kids have received positive feedbacks and witnessed great improvement in their young players’ game.

7/8 Inch Standard Handle with Synthetic Grip

One thing you have to consider when getting your young player a new baseball bat is the comfort and firmness of the handle. That is why you can always depend on this 2014 bat series from Louisville.

Its standard handle with a synthetic grip makes it perfect for children playing in the little league. It generates great performance.


  • This youth bat is designed with great feel, making using it more enjoyable
  • The synthetic grip makes it more dependable and easy to use by kids
  • Three piece construction gives it well distributed swing power
  • Standard handle ideal for little players
  • Great graphics that makes it look beautiful


  • Dents easily after a few uses and the barrel gets chipped
  • Features at a Glance
  • Composite Handle
  • Perfect and firm grip
  • Thin and lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: Is this bat a full composite? Is it as well ideal for a ten year old?

A: This is a two-piece fully composite bat; it can be a perfect selection for a ten year old.

Q: Is this bat USSSA league approved?

A: Yes, the Louisville Slugger Attack 2014 is legal in USSSA 13U.

Q: Do I have to break in the bat for the performance?

A: Yes, this bat requires a break-in period. This is a two-piece composite bat.

With dramatic reduction in vibration upon contact, the Slugger Attack baseball bat makes your son a hitter to watch in the field. It looks perfect and performs the exact same way. Its grip gives your son or daughter the best control of the game.

Designed with Tru3 technology, this baseball bat offers high swing power, making little hitters able to send balls off with great energy.