Heavy Duty Alternator

Delco Remy 150MT™ Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter

The 150MT boasts a high-performance power pack, supports multiple vehicle power sources, and is equipped with over crank thermal protection and mechanical rigidity - all which give it reliable startability and long-life performance. 


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Engine Size 12 Volt up to 16 Liters
24 Volt up to 18 Liters
System Voltage 12 or 24 Volts
Rotation Clockwise (viewing pinion end)
Mounting 12 Volt SAE #1, SAE #3
24 Volt SAE #3
and customer-specific as required
Pinion 11 Tooth, 6-8 Pitch
12 Tooth, 8-10 Pitch
12 Tooth, MOD 3 (Metric)
Peak Output 12V 7.3 kW
24V 9.0kW
Weight 31.75 lbs / 14.4 kg
Frame Diameter 4.53 in / 115 mm
Heavy Duty Drive Electrical Soft-Start, Overrunning Clutch
(US/Canada Only)
4 year / unlimited miles