Heavy Duty Alternator

The Brushless Advantage

Say Goodbye to the Brush...Say Hello to Durability & Reliability

Delco Remy Heavy Duty Brushless Alternators have fewer moving parts.  Fewer moving parts mean less wear on the alternator.  What you end up with is longer life, not to mention the best warranty in the industry to back it.

Alternators pull air through from the back to the front in order to cool the internal electronics.  This causes dust to enter into the alternator.  With a brushless alternator, there are no issues of dust hanging up brushes and causing early failure.  Without brushes, there are 13 fewer moving parts, eliminating components that wear out, while extending overall products life.

All major internal components that carry current such as a field coil, regulator, bridge, connectors, and stator, are stationary components and more resistant to vibration and debris.


10 Things that Won't Go Wrong with a Delco Remy Brushless Alternator

1.   Stuck Brush
2.   Broken Brush
3.   Brush Bounce
4.   Worn Out Brush
5.   Corroded Slip Ring
6.   Shorted Slip Ring
7.   Broken Brush Spring
8.   Broken Brush Shunt
9.   Grounded Rotor Coil
10.  High Turn-On

Delco Remy Brushless Models:  35SI™, 36SI™, 38SI™, 40SI™, 55SI™