Heavy Duty Alternator

Starter and Alternator 101 Videos 

With highly specialized products, you need everyone on your team to have a base understanding of starters and alternators and their various components and features. If you need help bringing new employees up to speed, you can use our 101 videos that explain these products in very easy-to understand ways.

Key Electrical Systems

Learn the “need-to-knows” of a heavy duty electrical system, including the batteries, cables, wiring and switches, and the starter and alternator.

Starter Basics

Get the 101 on starters, including their main purpose and how they work.

Starter Differences

Understand the differences among starting motors—and why they matter. This video highlights differences in tooth count, starter design, the starter relay, over crank protection and the mounting flange.

Alternator Basics

In this video, you’ll get the basics of an alternator—including its purpose and how it works.

Alternator Differences

This deeper dive video highlights the key differences of alternators, including the various mounting styles, the difference between brush versus brushless alternators, and amp output.