Heavy Duty Alternator

Transit Bus, Shuttle Bus & Motorcoach Starters

Downtime is not an option when people rely on your transportation.  Count on a reliable start every time with Delco Remy starters equipped with the Electrical Soft-Start engagement system. Prevent costly thermal damage with Delco Remy starters equipped with Over-Crank Protection. Delco Remy starters provide for industry leading performance and dependability for transit and motor coach applications.

39MTTM:  Built to Crank in the Toughest Conditions

The Delco Remy 39MT Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter is the best choice for heavy duty emercengy vehicles.  New service models come equipped with many standard features including Over-Crank Protection, Electrical Soft-Start, an Integral Magnetic Switch, and a rotatable flange to increase service flexiblity.  The 39MT is available in 12 volt and 24 volt models and also has the warranty to back it at 3 years / unlimited miles.

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38MTTMA Trusted Start, Every Time

The Delco Remy 38MT is capable of producing the speed and torque necessary to start diesel engines up to 10.0 liters for the 12 volt unit and up to 12.0 liters for the 24 volt. Weighing only 22 pounds, the 38MT is more than 50 percent lighter than comparable straight-drive starters.  This low mass design reduces overall vehicle weight and eases service.   

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35MTTMThe Most Features in a Medium Duty Package

The Delco Remy 35MT Medium Duty Gear Reduction Starter provides more power in a smaller, lighter package with patented technology to reduce corrosion and vibration issues.  Cranking 10% faster than the competition isn't the only feature of the 35MT.  The medium duty starter also features a patented Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMSS), electrical soft-start and a compact design all backed by a 1 year / unlimited miles warranty.

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31MTTMThe Trusted Choice for your Medium Duty Bus Fleet

The Delco Remy 31MT produces the torque and speed necessary to crank 12V diesel engines up to 9 liters.  The 31MT features a lightweight aluminum housing resistant to high vibration and corrosive environments.  These features reduce overall vehicle weight and provide durable construction for reliability and long service life.  A sealed solid link solenoid construction protects against solenoid contact welding and exposure to contaminants, prolonging service life.  The 31MT is the reliable choice for applications with frequent start and stops.

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