Heavy Duty Alternator

Remote Sense


Reduce battery charge time by 50%.

A major fleet reported to us that their Delco Remy Alternators equipped with Remote Sense reduced battery charge time by 50% and decreased battery warranty claims by 30%.  Remote Sense utilizes a second wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery and signals the alternator to increase its voltage output to compensate for the voltage drop, ensuring a constant 14 volts at the battery.  The additional voltage forces the current into the battery faster,  bringing it to a full state of charge in half the time.

Remote Sense is ideal for any commerical vehicle that makes frequent stops including:

  • School buses
  • Trucks with lift gates
  • Delivery trucks 

Why use Remote Sense?

Due to resistance in charging cables caused by environmental factors and other conditions, the voltage from the alternator drops by the time it reaches the battery. Just because the alternator is sending 14 volts doesn’t mean that the battery is receiving 14 volts. That’s why we’ve included Remote Sense on all premium models. With Remote Sense, a second wire reads the actual voltage at the battery and signals the alternator to increase its voltage output to compensate for voltage drop, ensuring a constant 14 volts at the battery. Research has shown that an increase of just ½ volt, when needed, can cut the battery charge time in half. At the end of the day, it can make the difference between batteries that are fully charged and those that aren’t.

How to Connect Remote Sense

Remote Sense Terminal Monitors system voltage at the batteries or a common distribution point. The Remote Sense terminal is identified with a “Remote Sense” label on the back cover plate or an “S” Terminal. Notice! Do not connect anything but the Remote Sense line to this terminal. • If installing an alternator with Remote Sense capabilities in a vehicle that does not have a Remote Sense line, connect a fused (5 Amp) insulated wire from the Alternator Remote Sense terminal to the positive (+) battery terminal or the common distribution point such as the starter solenoid battery (+) terminal. Use a #16 gauge red insulated wire, preferably with a 1/4” ID Convoluted Polyethylene Conduit. Also install a standard inline fuse holder with a protective cap. Use a low voltage (5 Amp) automotive standard blade style fuse. Connection of the Remote Sense terminal is best for optimum performance; however, the alternator will function without Remote Sense connected. • If installing a non-Remote Sense alternator in a vehicle that has a Remote Sense line, disconnect and secure the wire from the battery. • Only connect the Remote Sense line to the Remote Sense terminal. The “R” and “I” Terminals are not the Remote Sense Terminal!

Remote Sense is a feature available on Delco Remy alternator models: 35SI™,  36SI™, and standard on the high output alternator models 28SI™, 38SI™40SI™, and 55SI™.