Heavy Duty Alternator

Delco Remy 38MT+™ Heavy Duty Gear Reduction Starter

The 38MT+ is a gear reduction starter designed to fit PACCAR MX 11 and 13 Liter engines. The 38MT+ provides faster cranking speeds in a lighter package compared to the competition.  Available with Integrated Over-Crank Protection (IOCP), a built-in circuit breaker, protects the starter from thermal damage, automatically resetting at a safe operating temperature while eliminating the need for a wiring harness. The IOCP protects the starter in adverse starting conditions, such as cold weather cranking, lower battery capacity, high starting circuit resistance or operator misuse. 


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Engine Size up to 13.0L
System Voltage 12 Volts
Rotation Clockwise
Mounting SAE #3
Pinion 12 Tooth, MOD 3 (Metric)
Peak Output 4.3 kW
Battery Internal Resistance 4 mOhm
Weight 28.44 lbs / 12.9 kg
Frame Diameter 3.9 in / 100 mm
Overall Length 13.74 in / 349 mm
Motor Type Wound Field
Planetary Gear
Pinion Support Noseless
Drive Design Electrical Soft Start
Optional Features Integrated Over-Crank Protection
*(US/Canada Only)
1 year / unlimited miles - non OCP
3 year / unlimited miles - OCP